KaranDOS is a fashion and travel diary that offers an insight into the lives of Cypriot sisters Antri and Irene Karantoni.


Antri and Irene are obsessed with fashion since childhood, so they have decided to use this website in order to present their outfits with styling tips and everyday confessions. Their passion of fashion is too big to keep for themselves so they decided to share with you their fashion ideas, top trends, and their lifestyle.


Antri is a model, a tv host and also she is working at the radio. Irene is studying in Manchester law. They both compined their talent in the field of fashion and they have created the KaranDos fashion blog. KaranDos name originated from our surname KARAN-toni and the Spanish DOS which means two, (something like double-trouble :p).


We are excited about the new step in our life, and we are full of fashion energy!