How to fix your eyebrows using soap!

If there’s one thing we know to be true, it’s that there are countless ways to attain the eyebrows of your dreams. Depending on your personal shaping preferences, you could tweeze, wax, trim, shave, or just leave them be — particularly if you posses power brows like Cara Delevingne’s. Then comes the filling-in step, which encompasses products from pomades to gels to powders to pencils.

Oh, and we just found one more to add to that list: soap.

Basically, soap brows is an Old Hollywood trick currently regaining its old popularity that only requires 2 cheap products: a mascara spoolie and a bar of any soap.


1. Spray the bar with water

2. Pass the spoolie over the soap and rub until a the water mixes well with the soap and a paste is made.

3. Then brush it through your brows to give them the prettiest feathered texture.

Know how brow gels instantly make your arches seem fuller while holding them in place? This technique uses the same idea, but it’s way more affordable and actually impossible to mess up. If you want a more dramatic effect, simply go over your soap-coated hairs with your tinted product of choice — like a powder or pencil.

Trust us: your brows will thank you.

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